Uniworld employs leaders in the process improvement industry. Leveraging practical individual expertise with best practices from our 30+ deployments, Uniworld offers our clients customized content from our library of practical and interactive instruction modules.

Uniworld’s innovative, unique offerings include:

  • Dual track Marketing and Design for Six Sigma
  • Process and Business Process Design for Six Sigma
  • Technical Product and Process Design Six Sigma
  • Innovation for Six Sigma (ISS)
  • Supply Chain Excellence
  • Transfer the Technology
  • Uniworld recognizes that multiple methodologies will be needed to meet the company's strategic value creation plan, and strives to match our offerings with your business needs.

Choose Lean Six Sigma to reduce operational costs, defects, and cycle time by minimizing variation

Select Design for Six Sigma to enhance customer focus in order to identify Voice of the Customer, understand Value, improve Capability and Reliability of your offerings.
Are you designing the "right" offering?
Are you designing the "offering" right?

Choose Innovation to identify future opportunities (new markets, technologies, customers) and innovate to create value.

Select Supply Chain Six Sigma to reduce costs and improve flow by alignment of your extended supply chain.

Choose Marketing Six Sigma to grow new markets and increase market share by identifying and communicating benefits.

Select Progression Deployments to take the organization to the next level of value creation, by moving the focus from the Process to the Customer (DFSS), to the Market (MFSS), and ultimately to the Opportunities (ISS). Uniworld customizes the progression deployments to integrate with your firm's current approach.

Choose Focused Workshops to obtain focused training on specific topics such as Voice of the Customer, Reliability, and Designed Experiments among others.