Uniworld provides an integrated framework to attack those tough business issues such as identifying new markets, innovation, growing sales, designing products or processes, or reducing costs.


Integrated roadmaps defining tool flow, outcomes, and deliverables


Top-Down Integration of roadmaps and tools into the existing business initiatives. Identification of opportunities linked to key business initiatives; charters to define opportunity statements, outcomes and benefits; financials to validate results.


A process to discover business opportunities throughout the organization

Training and Support

Options for learning such as on-site training, focused workshops, progression/conversion coursework to further develop skill level, and e-learning
Project consultation providing one-on-one project coaching to each belt to reinforce tool and roadmap application as well as improve project completion rate and results
Testing to assess classroom learning as well as final project reviews to prepare belts for certification
Comprehensive learning material for classroom and review/recall post training

Technology Transfer – Train the Trainer

Uniworld’s deployment model includes the transfer of our knowledge base to our clients. Through our “train the trainer” process, we help our clients identify, select, train, and mentor their Six Sigma Belts, Master Black Belts, and Champions to master the process and become your experts. In the end, you have a self-sustaining, ingrained improvement methodology, not just some one time improvements.


Uniworld provides people who not only understand the process but have also lived it. We’ve implemented the techniques in real life in a variety of industries, functions, and cultures.

Real World Experience

Our people have expertise in chemicals, assembly, automotive, business processes, distribution, electronics, appliances, electricity, etc. We’ve completed or coached thousands of projects through to successful top or bottom line results.


Our people have a variety of educational backgrounds and all are grounded in ‘process’ thinking.


Our people have worked with companies all over the world

Practical Approach

Our people are practitioners, not theoreticians. We provide the practical tools and mentoring to achieve results effectively and efficiently. Our approach has been streamlined based on experience with what works and what doesn’t work.


Uniworld provides an exceptional classroom experience aimed at engaging the student’s mind resulting in maximized learning retention and business results.

Real World Examples

Case studies that outline the approach and real world application of the roadmaps and tools.

Hands-On Exercises

Reinforcement of learning through ‘workshop’ application of tools to your projects blended with the use of training props such as helicopters, catapults, airplanes, tinker toys, legos, and play doh.

Fun, Interactive Environment

A classroom environment that encourages two-way dialogue, sharing of experiences, and some comic relief. Our facilitators, material, and exercises are focused at involving your team’s minds, not merely filling their brains.


Uniworld provides the client with a wealth of knowledge based on years of business experience. Jump start your deployment, reinvigorate your deployment, refresh training, …

Learning Curve

Gain the benefit of our experience. Benefit from streamlined training material, proven project identification and selection techniques, step-by-step deployment plans, deployment pros and cons, project coaching methods.

Build on Others Successes

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Understand what has worked, what has not worked, and what we would change in your application. Learn best practices, latest methodologies, and how to apply them to your business.

Uniworld has enabled businesses to reach goals in cost reduction, new product development, new process designs, cycle time reduction as well as other key business areas.


Development of new technologies, products and processes to improve the revenue stream


Reduce costs associated with rework, scrap loss, bottlenecks to flow, process inefficiencies and other areas